Clark Team Spotlight

ED CRIPPEN - Senior Audio Engineer

Ed is responsible for reviewing audio designs, ensuring accurate speaker quantity and placement and seeing that the entire system makes sense in terms of what each space needs. And that's just what he does before showing up onsite. Once he arrives, his job is to confirm that the design still works, and that there's nothing in the space that will prevent the designed system from functioning as it should. Finally, he tunes (or optimizes) the system to the space, often staying on hand to train the tech team. For churches that aren't able to invest in a new rig, Ed comes in and helps them determine what can be done to improve their existing system.

Ed came to Clark with more than 20 years of touring experience - primarily live shows in large arenas. He began by filling in part-time for George, tuning and commissioning audio systems. He found that he loved working with churches, especially with Technical Directors and their staff/volunteers. Early in 2011 a position was created for Ed and he became a full-time member of the Clark team.

When he's not working, Ed is usually looking for sunrises or sunsets to capture with one of his cameras.